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Coach Interviewed on Prison Pipeline Radio

Prison Pipeline is a radio program dedicated to educating the public about the Oregon criminal justice system.

Their goal is to present a unique understanding of the criminal justice system, address the root causes of crime, and challenge the status quo. They seek to promote awareness and activism in order to foster a safe, healthy, and just society.

Show airs Mondays at 6:30 P.M.
Hosts: Karen James, Adam Carpinelli, Amy Johnson, Emma Lugo and Doug McVay.
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What is GOGI? See with your own eyes!

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Inside CDCR: 25 inmates graduate rehabilitative program at Salinas Valley

By Lt. Eduardo Mazariegos, AA/Public Information Officer
Salinas Valley State Prison

Salinas Valley State Prison held its first graduation of 25 inmates who completed the Getting Out By Going In (GOGI) program on Facility C. For a Facility known for violent incidents and entrenched gang activity, this was a milestone for the participating inmates as well as staff.  READ FULL ARTICLE

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Videotaping of self-help program at CTF boosts rehabilitation efforts

By Lt. Roland Ramon, AA/Public Information Officer
Correctional Training Facility, Soledad

In a coordinated effort, the staff of CTF and the film crew worked closely to identify the best way to videotape hundreds of programming participants.

Holding the prisoners to a high standard of behavior and security, the two-day filming project resulted in footage to be edited into several hours of self-help educational media.

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Pepperdine Magazine: Prison Break

Prison inmates helped Mara Leigh Taylor find freedom and happiness.

When she walked into federal prison for the first time in 2002, Mara Leigh Taylor instantly felt a strong connection to the inmates and to the confined atmosphere. “It was like being hit by a lightning bolt of understanding. The prison looked like how I felt,” Taylor recalls. “I did not feel free or happy but I didn’t know why or how to change that.”  READ FULL ARTICLE

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Salt Lake Tribune: What’s GOGI? Utah inmates wanting a better life can tell you.

Today, Coach Taylor says, GOGI students are in prisons and jails in every state. Some read the book, newly revised in January, on their own; others form groups that work together to implement the tools; and some are led by volunteer coaches. There also are GOGI groups in treatment centers, halfway homes and support groups organized by ex-cons.  READ FULL ARTICLE:

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The 2012 CalSouthern Difference Award – Coach Taylor


Downloadable PDF: article-2012-calsouthern-difference-award



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Huffington Post: Finding Self-Worth in Jail—Getting Out by Going In

By Cheryl Saban Ph.D.

“Getting Out by Going in — GOGI, as the program is known, is permitted and endorsed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and administered by founder and executive director, Coach Mara Leigh Taylor, author of Women in Prison – Women Finding Freedom. Coach Taylor teaches women how to GET OUT of old behavior by GOING INside themselves to find a sense of personal responsibility, personal accountability, and personal freedom.”