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GOGI Global Imaam assisted by GOGI Ambassador Al-Shaabazz delivers his welcome statement

GOGI Global Imaam gave his welcome remarks for the opening ceremony of the 2 Days GOGI G-Rep Certification Training Program in Central on October 15, 2021. He was assisted by his right-hand man, GOGI Ambassador Al-Shabazz. GOGI Ambassador encouraged the Ghanaian youth to take advantage of the GOGI Training and learn something productive. He was elated by the turnout of participants.

2022-09-27T16:54:50-07:00January 7th, 2022|GOGI Africa News|

GOGI Coach Taylor Introducing GOGI Team

October 15, 2021 - Coach Taylor, lead Volunteer and Head of Delegation to Ghana introduced the Team from the GOGI Headquarters. She thanked all the Chiefs, Imaams, Pastors, and all participants who came to study the GOGI Life-Changing Tools from all parts of the Central Region more especially Agona-Swedru.

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GOGI Ambassador observing GOGI Training

A GOGI Ambassador from Central Region who happened to be one of the community chiefs and Imaam was seen paying much attention to the GOGI G-Rep Certification Training Program after he came in to be decorated with a GOGI Ambassadorial Certificate on October 16, 2021.

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A satisfied AYYAD Chairman applauding GOGI G-Reps

AYYAD Chairman, GOGI G-Rep was seen happily applauding GOGI G-Reps at Agona Swedru, Central Region of Ghana. This happened during the GOGI G-Rep Certification Training Program of over 200 G-Reps and over 15 GOGI Ambassadors. The applause came after he was satisfy with the level of awareness of the GOGI Tools shown by the G-Reps on the Day 2 of the Training on October 16, 2021.

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A Reverend Minister pledge his support to GOGI through ‘The GOGI Pledge of Service’

A Reverend Minister from Swedru with name withheld has pledge his support to GOGI through 'The GOGI Pledge of Service'. The GOGI Pledge of Service is a service to oneself and to learn the GOGI Tools and put it to practice for a better continent. The Reverend Minister was part of the over 15 GOGI Ambassadors from Central Region who promised to use their platform to spread the GOGI Tools. He received his Honorary GOGI Ambassadorship and accepted the task of being a GOGI Ambassador. He Read More...

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AYYAD Agona-Swedru Secretary Giving a Welcome Address

The AYYAD Agona-Swedru, Central Regional Branch Secretary gave a warm welcome address at the start of the Day 1 of the GOGI G-Rep Certification Training Program for over 200 participants from Central Region on 15th October, 2021. In his welcome address, he welcome the GOGI Headquarters Team from California, and welcome all participants.   He admonished all the participants to pay much attention to the facilitators and their Circle Group Leaders.

2022-09-27T16:44:54-07:00January 7th, 2022|GOGI Africa News|

Jeff posed to enjoy some nice time with G-Reps

GOGI Ghana AYYAD Chapter Media Director, Jafar Dawda Bargo aka Jeff takes some pictures to be part of the picture session with other G-Reps after being the one to take all the pictures and videos without being in any picture of video. The diary of GOGI Ghana G-Reps would have been incomplete with having Jeff also pose for the camera.

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