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From our shop tab you can purchase for yourself or sponsor a student the many GOGI Correspondence Courses. Upon completion, the student mails their completed workbook back to GOGI Headquarters (the address is on every page of every workbook). Offered in English and Spanish languages, the only requirement for inclusion as a GOGI student is the completion of the first course. There is no application process and no student fee. Each student receives a completion certificate as well as a transcript of all courses they have completed. Their transcript is kept on file at GOGI’s headquarters, and the student is considered a lifetime member of the growing GOGI Community.


Join – GOGI’s Certified Community Coach Leadership Training Program

As the GOGI Community continues to grow, most GOGI Students express interest in sharing their knowledge with youth, peers, churches, families and organization. Meeting this need for the GOGI student to be an active part of the solution to challenges witnessed in their communities, GOGI offers a leadership program offering the title of “Certified GOGI Community Coach” upon completion. There is no application process and no fee to participate in this program. GOGI’s leadership training programs, including GOGI Community Coach Certification, is an essential aspect of GOGI’s Power Up Leadership Academy initiative, and is supported in great part by the volunteers at GOGI, donor support, and grant funding. The only cost to participate in leadership programming is the cost of the softbound workbooks which are available to anyone for purchase or sponsored in our shop, and are often purchased by institutions responsible for rehabilitative education. A student’s leadership status is determined by the number of GOGI Correspondence Courses completed. The only expense for the program is in the purchase of course materials.
Click here for the requirements for GOGI Community Coach Status


Join – PowerUp GOGI Community Meetings

GOGI offers an open-source meeting format which is gaining popularity as GOGI Community Members seek ways to connect with other like-minded individuals in a positive and productive exploration of the GOGI Life Tools. The PowerUp GOGI Community Meetings are free and the material is open source, making it easily accessible for institutions, organizations, civic groups, churches, educators and even parents and families. GOGI does not offer certificates of completion for attending these community meetings, but in most cases the participant’s attendance of Power Up GOGI Meetings is tracked at a local level. In some instances, attendance at PowerUp GOGI Meetings is incentivized with credit provided by the hosting institution or group.


Join – Cost Effective and Proven PowerUp GOGI prison, jail, and rehabilitation programs

Remember, the GOGI PowerUp Meetings are FREE for any organization. It is likely, however, that the population served will want more opportunities to expand the GOGI Culture and receive support for learning the GOGI Life Tools. All organizations are given very generous donor-funded discounts on orders of 12 or more of any of our courses, workbooks, and textbooks, making GOGI’s Correspondence programs and PowerUp GOGI Community Meetings affordable, effective, and sought after by populations expressing a need for simple positive self-help tools. To explore discounts, donor assistance, bulk purchases, or GOGI headquarters support for institutional programming, contact GOGI through email. The best way to learn more is to Email Us.


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