What is GOGI?

Getting Out By Going In

GOGI is a WAY to make better decisions every day by using simple tools to increase positive decisions.

GOGI shares simple positive decision making tools that can help anyone think their best and be their best.

GOGI makes positive change fun.

In Cell And Small Group 
Study Programs

GOGI offers soft bound workbook courses for self study and small group study. These workbooks reinforce the daily use of GOGI’s simplified positive decision making tools. The in-cell workbook courses are certificate programs.



GOGI provides a route for individuals to overcome negative lifestyle and living choices. The GOGI Tools can be used by anyone, anywhere because everyone can use a little help in making more positive decisions in their life. 


GOGI Support

PowerUp! GOGI Support Meetings are community-supported, volunteer-based, free support meetings. The skilled GOGI Peer Mentor and GOGI Coach can utilize this format to strengthen use of the GOGI Tools for Positive Decision Making with any group of individuals.


WHAT IF you are not your past?

WHAT IF you are so much more than the choices you made? Change is inevitable and we want to make sure you direct your change in the direction that is important to you. If you wish to become part of the solution for yourself and your community, the fact that change is inevitable may give you great motivation. If you wish that nothing ever changes, you will awaken from this unfortunate state one day and see that others around you have embraced the opportunity to create themselves into a new and improved version of who they once believed themselves to be.      ♥~ Coach Taylor

Featured Books


HOW TO GOGI is a simple self-help instruction book for anyone wanting change and all those individuals who help them.

Getting Started

This is the best place to start GOGI programs: HOW TO GOGI and HOW TO GOGI BOOK STUDY Certificate Course.

Release Prep Bundle

This is the perfect starter kit for someone who is ready to start GOGI. It includes HOW TO GOGI, the main manual for GOGI study.