The time is now to PowerUp! our communities.

It just makes sense.  


Now, more than ever, children need tools for internal resiliency and positive decision-making. PowerUp!4Kids is a simple and fun way to strengthen their ability to overcome challenges while interacting with their like-minded peers.
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PowerUp! Community

PowerUp! Community Meetings offers a simple and collaborative solution to empower members of all communities. Through the teaching of positive-decision making tools, these meetings bring members together to BE the solution through a service-minded mentality.
Click here to download our free, open-source manual to learn how to facilitate PowerUp! Community Meetings.

PowerUp! Prison Programs

PowerUp! GOGI Prison Programming offers in-cell and coach certification courses to teach simple positive-decision making tools and empower students to BE the solution.
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Click here to download our free, open-source materials to participate in PowerUp! Prison Programming.

Featured Books and Bundles

The GOGI Super Star Bundle

This bundle is ideal for individuals who seek reputable, solid, proven rehabilitation education.


The Victim Impact

This course is ideal for individuals interested in addressing criminal thinking habits and perfect to motivate those individuals to become a solution for their communities.


Anger Management

This book permits the student to learn tools specifically geared to help with anger management. Even those who aren’t specifically looking to address their own anger will find this course interesting and powerful in their relationships with others.


Our Mission

Getting Out by Going In (GOGI) is a non-profit with a clear mission: to empower all individuals with the tools needed for them to make the most positive decisions under any circumstance. Through PowerUp!4Kids, PowerUp! Community, and PowerUp! GOGI Programming, any individual can become the solution they seek.