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Community Meetings

The FREE PowerUp! GOGI Meeting Quick Reference Guide (click here to download PDF), permits any group, organization, or individual to support the study of GOGI Life Tools in a group meeting format. PowerUp! GOGI Meetings offer a simple and collaborative solution to encourage members of all communities to BE the solution they seek. Through a focus on the GOGI Life Tools (click here to download the GOGI Life Tool Calendar of study), communities unite to model positive decision-making, inclusiveness, humanity, and compassion for self and others. Meetings can be offered to a wide participation, or focused on specific population needs such as “Young Adult PowerUp! GOGI” or “Reentry Prep PowerUp! GOGI” or “Sober PowerUp! GOGI” or any other topic of interest. Click here to download a GOGI Mom’s Guide to The GOGI Tools. Check out our You Tube Channel (click link) for PowerUp! GOGI Meetings that can serve as a guide for you to hold your own meetings.

Prison Programming

GOGI offers many subject-specific correspondence courses such as Anger Management, Criminal Thinking, Victim Impact, Insight Development, Substance Abuse/Addiction, and others.  Click here to go to our Shop where you can sponsor a correspondence course for an incarcerated or detailed individual, someone seeking alternatives to incarceration, or buy one for yourself. In addition to individual courses, GOGI offers the GOGI Community Coach Certification Program. This 18-24 month program permits anyone to earn certification as GOGI Community Coach. The GOGI Coaching program requires 35 college-level GOGI course credits as well as an in depth working knowledge of the GOGI Life Tools. Click here for a list of current requirements.

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The GOGI Mission

Getting Out by Going In (GOGI) shares the GOGI Life Tools to unite all mankind in positive decision making.


How GOGI Fulfills Its Mission

Through our PowerUp! GOGI Community Meetings, GOGI Self-Study Correspondence Courses, and our GOGI Community Coach Certification programs, we support the solution found within each individual.