The GOGI the world knows today was a mere vision in 2007 when then Sgt Grady Machnick approached Coach Taylor at the Los Angeles Times book fair in 2007. Asking if she would speak to detained women at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Sgt Machnick shared his vision for rehabilitation that would empower the women to move beyond trauma and addiction. Coach Taylor was guided, supported, and protected by Sgt. Grady Machnick from 2007 to 2009 as the first GOGI Campus was created under his Read More...

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News: GOGI Ghana Chapter Announced

AYAAD has extended an invitation to Getting Out by Going In (GOGI) a USA, California-based, non-profit, to facilitate leadership training to AYAAD participants and stakeholders in the community. AYYAD members certified in the use of the GOGI Life Tools, a set of practical life tools proven to inspire and unite communities. The Association of Youth and Young Adults Development (AYYAD), a charitable organization based in Accra, Ghana, Africa, empowers Ghanaian youth to resolve community challenges standing in the way of unity throughout Ghana. Through educational sponsorship, youth mentorship, and community volunteerism, AYAAD promotes peace, courage, and unity throughout Ghana.

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The GOGI Coach News — April/May 2021

A Note from GOGI Founder, Coach Taylor - Sometimes trauma or unfortunate circumstances can be morphed into pretty awesome outcomes, especially for those of us who use our GOGI Life Tools. Because I believe myself to be skilled at using my GOGI Life Tools, I was able to create positive outcomes from my recent fall off a horse and the resulting metal plate in my arm. What I know is this. When we perceive our challenges to be opportunities in disguise, we can create some significantly powerful outcomes. (Read more in GOGI Coach News).

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