• Bundle Includes: 2 PowerUp! Books, 1 Teach Me How To GOGI, 1 PowerUp! Manual, 1 How To Teach GOGI, 1 GOGI Leadership Training Certificate Program The GOGI Community Coach Candidate is required to earn certification to lead PowerUp GOGI Community Meetings. This prepares them to be of service as they return to their communities. This package permits the candidate to earn 3 credits for the HOW TO TEACH GOGI course, and earn their facilitator certification while mentoring others and permitting them to earn credits as well.
  • It is scientifically proven that coloring, drawing, doodling and similar activities help to reduce stress, anxiety and even depression. The GOGI Life Tool Coloring book is 98 pages of creative ways to reinforce the GOGI Life Tools. The GOGI Life Tool coloring book is an ideal for the entire family to engage in positive decision making  The GOGI Way.
  • Students of the GOGI Life Tools have requested additional ways to implement the GOGI Tools into their daily life. GOGI Yoga For Small Spaces is an ideal practice for the intermediate GOGI Student and teaches mindfulness the GOGI Way. While practicing traditional yoga poses, the student can practice the GOGI Life Tools, further embedding the confidence and ability to make positive decisions each and every day. In addition to the GOGI Yoga book, this purchase includes a copy of the popular "PowerUp Your Life The GOGI Way" main manual which details all the GOGI Tools.
  • Fundraiser!

    Buy 1 get 1 free GOGI key chain. These key chains will be mailed to the credit card address. All proceeds go toward postage and envelopes needed to respond to the 1,000+ letters GOGI receives from across the U.S. each month.  
  • Coach Ernesto partnered with Coach Keith Erickson to offer this BOMB T as a fundraiser for GOGI.

    All proceeds go to offering the GOGI Life Tools to anyone wanting to create an extraordinary life.  
  • Sponsor GOGI Studies

    Your contributions matter. 100% of all donations go directly to GOGI programs. Thank you!
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