GOGI way to build positive communities

  • Why are most domestic violence courses in effective and boring?

    GOGI asked that question of our GOGI Coaches and we asked for what THEY believed was important information to share with those who wanted to explore creating a more harmonious life. GOGI's Domestic Violence course offers over 200 pages of thoughtful exploration into the creation of harmony as a replacement for resorting to violence. Simple GOGI Life Tools are put into practice, making this course inspiring as well as effective.
  • The GOGI PowerUp Meeting Manual

    The GOGI Life Tools are simple ways to create a life of meaning and purpose through positive decision making. In this "Positive Communities The GOGI Way: The PowerUp GOGI Meeting Manual" individuals and groups are empowered through a focus on service and positive decision making. Ideal for groups of all kinds, the meeting manual offers an excuse for anyone to become the best version of self, while building solid positive community connections and relationships.


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