How to GOGI Books

  • The GOGI Life Tools course is the foundational course for optimal GOGI studies. This course is self-study, or can be completed in a group or classroom setting. Completion of the course results in a certificate of completion for the course, emphasizing the opportunity to expand INSIGHT and COMPASSION for self and others. The course is designed to be completed over a 4-6 week period, but some students report more benefit when moving more slowly through the course and completing over a 15 week period.  
  • In this 15 week course, the student will not only learn how to build solid parenting skills but they will learn how to identify and address trauma they may have experienced in their own lives. Benefiting from the contribution of more than 50 GOGI students, the GOGI Life Tools are presented in an easy to understand and apply approach.
  • 12 books included in the package.  GOGI group studies allows 12 individuals to engage in 15 weekly study sessions.
  • It is scientifically proven that coloring, drawing, doodling and similar activities help to reduce stress, anxiety and even depression. The GOGI Life Tool Coloring book is 98 pages of creative ways to reinforce the GOGI Life Tools. The GOGI Life Tool coloring book is an ideal for the entire family to engage in positive decision making  The GOGI Way.


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