About GOGI

Becoming our own solution

In 2002, when it was nothing more than a group of prisoners joining together for a “relaxation class” held in a prison chapel each week, Coach Taylor shared with the men that freedom was actually “within” each of them. One man chimed in, “getting out of prison by going in for the answers?” And that is how GOGI got its name.

GOGI’s vision is that all humans can unite in a desire for peace and harmony, and the GOGI Life Tools provide a common “language” for all humanity to use in reaching this reality.

GOGI’s Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals to make positive decisions and create a life of purpose and meaning through sustained behavioral and perspective changes.

As a non-profit organization, we share the GOGI Life Tools with anyone seeking a simple way to make more positive decisions in their lives. Since 2002, we have provided the GOGI Life Tools to incarcerated individuals, as they are oftentimes highly motivated to make lasting changes.

In addition to FREE information, we invite the sponsorship of our correspondence courses which permit focused studies of the GOGI Life Tools.

GOGI’s Values


Positive cultures are created by individuals with a vision for peace and harmony.


Positive perspective shifts are possible regardless of past experiences.


Personal responsibility leads to internal happiness.


Empowerment comes from positive decision making over a sustained period of time.


Every human being has value, is filled with unlimited potential for good, and is worth an investment of energy.


Service leads to internal freedom.

GOGI’s History

2006 – granted non-profit status

2006 – granted non-profit status

2006 – granted non-profit status

2006 – granted non-profit status

2006 – granted non-profit status

“For more than twenty years, the volunteers of GOGI have not wavered from their gentle approach to improving the condition of all mankind, one individual at a time.”

Coach Mara Taylor, GOGI Founder and Volunteer