“What is GOGI?”

"What is GOGI?" I get that question a lot from friends, family and people I meet as I work to grow our GOGI community ‘outside the wall’. I found that an explanation of the benefits of GOGI for the ‘free’ community was needed since GOGI was created ‘inside the wall’ by prisoners for prisoners. The ‘rehabilitative’ benefits of the 12 Tools of GOGI are well explained and documented. What the ‘free’ community needs to hear about are the ‘preventative’ benefits of GOGI. The ‘healing’ benefits of [...]

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Fly Free With GOGI

Greetings my GOGI Peeps! Streetwise GOGI Tamara here to run my jibs. The human spirit was not created to be enslaved or imprisoned. The human spirit was created to fight and survive; to rise above when pressed from all sides. The human spirit was created to fly free. The state may be able to imprison someone physically. But it cannot imprison the human spirit. It cannot imprison someone mentally. Only WE can imprison ourselves mentally. Many people aren’t aware of this. Many people assume the one who [...]

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