Change the World with POSITIVE ACTIONS

Artwork by Harper Happy Hump Day GOGI's! Our actions are an outward display of how we feel inside. POSITIVE ACTIONS are a result of POSITIVE THOUGHTS and POSITIVE WORDS. My father used to say 'crap in, crap out.' He applied this to the type of music I listened to, the television I watched and the friends I associated with. What you put in your mind and who you allow in your life are manifest in your actions. Choose wisely. They have a bigger impact [...]

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Happy Hump Day my GOGI Peeps! Streetwise GOGI Tamara here to share about my ongoing GOGI journey.  Our thoughts and emotions are outwardly expressed through our words and deeds. Therefore, when we are happy and our thoughts are positive, our words and actions will display this happiness and positivity. The same would be true of the other emotions we feel. If we are sad, angry, bitter or negative our words and actions follow suit. I am naturally a very upbeat, positive person. In my world the [...]

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“The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.”

The GOGI Tool REALITY CHECK is one of my favorites. REALITY CHECK focuses on forward motion. '10 steps forward and two steps back is still 8 steps ahead.' Forward motion. Resilience. Never giving up. I grew up watching all of the Rocky movies with my father. My mother didn't approve but she always ended up watching the end of the movie with us, where Rocky overcame all odds and beat his opponent. Who doesn't love a 'Cinderella story'? :) Rocky's key to winning against an opponent [...]

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“It’s Easier Said Than Done.”

I recently had someone say that to me, "It's easier said than done", when I posted about the GOGI tool LET GO on my Facebook page. The GOGI Tool LET GO may prove to be difficult for some when it comes to big things from our past or even our present. Trauma, abuse, guilt, regret, etc. We might think some things are beyond 'Hand/Squash/Toss'. Let's look at it a different way. Let's look at LET GO in two stages. We discussed in our PowerUp! group conference [...]

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Reality is ………….. whatever you make it.

I've been told I'm crazy, naive and delusional. I've been told my expectations are unrealistic and my view of things is that of a dreamer. "Tamara, you don't live in reality." Maybe these things are true. Or maybe I choose to live in an alternate reality ... a future reality that doesn't exist yet; but that I can see as possible, attainable. Maybe I see reality as more of a mindset. This is definitely one of the definitions of the word 'reality'. Reality - 'a thing that exists in [...]

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“What is GOGI?”

"What is GOGI?" I get that question a lot from friends, family and people I meet as I work to grow our GOGI community ‘outside the wall’. I found that an explanation of the benefits of GOGI for the ‘free’ community was needed since GOGI was created ‘inside the wall’ by prisoners for prisoners. The ‘rehabilitative’ benefits of the 12 Tools of GOGI are well explained and documented. What the ‘free’ community needs to hear about are the ‘preventative’ benefits of GOGI. The ‘healing’ benefits of [...]

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GOGI is Longevity

How the heck are you GOGI Nation??  Streetwise GOGI Tamara here to share some 'Insight from the Inside' with you! Check out this rad GOGI poem written by one of our GOGI Leaders  from Ironwood State Prison. GOGI is Longevity By Vincent ‘BOBO’ Crama GOGl is a program, To help you self-exam, So please give a damn! There are twelve steps, To help you get prepped, So that your understanding becomes more in depth There are three tools of the body and three tools of choice, [...]

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Within Each Of Us Is The Ability To Change The World.

  GOGI Peeps! Streewise GOGI Tamara here to take you back in time ....... Almost every child dreams of being a superhero. The desire to help others and be of service comes naturally to children; almost as if it’s inborn in them. I remember wanting to be Wonder Woman from a very young age. Not only did she have a cool invisible plane but she helped people. I remember begging my parents to buy me a pair of Wonder Woman Underoos. When I wore those Underoos, [...]

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Am I Strong Enough?

My GOGI Peeps, how are you today? Streetwise GOGI Tamara here to drop a little reality on you. This past Saturday, I attended a women's empowerment event, as a GOGI/TG4L! Rep, and was asked to speak about GOGI. The subject matter at this event focused on abuse of all kinds within our prisons, communities and families.  I met some amazingly strong and resilient women. The subject matter hit very close to home for me, as it did for a lot of women. I had the opportunity [...]

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