• Successful Prison Reform
    One Cell at a Time
    Our Mission

    The mission of GOGI is to enable the positive development of the prison population and its successful return to society.

    Our Vision

    As a volunteer-staffed, not-for-profit organization, GOGI is motivated to expand a positive prison culture with tools that support successful return to society.

    We offer any at-risk, post release or confined man, woman or child the opportunity to learn the GOGI Tools for Positive Decision-Making.

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    Faces Of GOGI

    The New Corrections: Conversations With Change Makers

    Getting Out by Going In (GOGI) had the opportunity to sit down with California Prison Warden Marion Spearman to discuss GOGI and his perspective on prisoner rehabilitation.


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    A New Way For Corrections: The GOGI Way

    GOGI for kids

    More than 80 percent of all women in prison are mothers. Here is the handout we will provide to them so they can share their GOGI tools with their children. GOGI Kids flyer

    More Utah GOGI graduates

    Recent graduates from GOGI UTAH’s Graveyard GOGI at the Oxbow jail are making positive waves in their communities. Here is the brochure they will soon be handing out to share what they have learned with people on the streets of Salt Lake City. Taking GOGI to the Streets


    Coach Maria, Coach David and GOGI Girl Diamond are taking their GOGI Family to where we need it most. Next Friday the GOGI family will be teaching THE GOGI TOOLS to more than 120 children at Diamond’s school. The children will learn a song, “And GOGI was it’s name-o” and they will catch bean bags while doing a fun GOGI game. If we teach the children GOGI, we will turn our prisons into colleges and universities to advance POSITIVE DECISION MAKING! CASTRO FAM092013


    Soon-to-be Coach Avanika will join Coach Leigh in New York for the FIRST EVER GOGI GRADUATION at MCC in downtown Manhattan. While on the east coast, the two coaches will also travel to a Federal female facility in Danbury Connecticut to start the women off with THEIR GOGI Groups. And, camera in hand, Avanika and Coach Leigh will be doing man-on-the street interviews for the next episode of GOGI TV, which is DVD programming offered to any setting of incarceration FOR FREE! AVANIKA THE BEAUTIFUL


    Yep, that is right. Free GOGI for the world! We are just about complete with the writing of THE GOGI STARTER KIT which will be our gift to anyone interested in holding GOGI meetings or incorporating the GOGI TOOLS FOR POSITIVE DECISION MAKING into their existing teachings. Free GOGI will come in the form of an easy-downloadable PDF available on our website. It will also be available for purchase in book form, but the PDF will remain a free downloadable file. Families of the incarcerated may print the material for their loved ones. Facilities may print the material for their staff. We have chosen to GIVE AWAY GOGI because this is the only way we can catch up to the overwhelming positive feedback and consistently increase number of requests for GOGI materials. The starter kit will not replace the more complete HOW TO GOGI book, but it will get ANYONE started on the path of POSITIVE DECISION MAKING THE GOGI WAY!