The GOGI Life Tool REALITY CHECK permits us to define ourselves by our actions and reactions today. We are no longer defined by our past when we put this tool to good use.

REALITY CHECK suggests we let go of all that baggage of the past and declare who we want to be today by our decisions today. Furthermore, our GOGI Life Tool Reality Check is a wake up call to the fact that we are human. We will make mistakes in life, as do all humans. However, ten steps forward and two steps back is still eight steps ahead.  We do not need to be held back by current mistakes, because we are still eight steps ahead!


REALITY CHECK is part of the set of Tools called TOOLS OF CREATION. This Tool is your permission to be a flawed human, but does not give you permission to remain in a flawed state. Your TEN STEPS FORWARD and TWO STEPS BACK are still EIGHT STEPS AHEAD. Your TWO STEPS BACK do not mean you are a failure. What it means, when you use REALITY CHECK, is that you acknowledge you really messed up, but you get right back on track by making your very next decision be the most positive decision possible. With REALITY CHECK, you understand that you are not perfect, but you keep moving forward towards
perfection with your very next thought, word, and action. Your mistakes do not define you, what defines you is how you get back on track once mistakes are made. REALITY CHECK lets you “course correct” quickly.

The GOGI Tool REALITY CHECK offers you a new way of thinking about change. What often happens is that we make serious promises to stop doing something. We may even do a great job at our new commitment until the bottom falls out of our lives and something terrible happens. Then, somehow, we find ourselves right back into old behavior. Or, maybe the bottom doesn’t fall out, and somehow we have slipped back into our old habits without even knowing what
happened. — Excerpt from page 125 of The GOGI Way To PowerUp!