Week of October 4 — BOSS OF MY BRAIN

BOSS OF MY BRAIN is a favorite GOGI Life Tool for many individuals who find the tools helpful in charting a more pleasurable life path.

When an individual realizes that only THEY are the boss of their brain, it often is a game changer. There is no blame, no shame, no regrets with this GOGI Life Tool. With BOSS OF MY BRAIN there is nothing more that an acknowledgement of ownership of the life experience. The SMART PART, EMOTIONAL PART, and OLD HABIT PART of the brain become easily understood, and mastery of the mind is the direction the GOGI Student begins to create.


BOSS OF MY BRAIN is part of the set of Tools called TOOLS OF THE BODY. This was the first Tool created by Students of GOGI as they explored ways to make certain they remained on track with the kind of life they wanted. By identifying the SMART PART, the EMOTIONAL PART and the OLD HABIT PART, you can simplify the process of controlling how your brain operates. When you use this Tool frequently enough, you will begin to experience the power that comes with practice. BOSS OF MY BRAIN solves the problem of not being taught by example or education that you and only you are the owner of the business of your
brain. No one else is living your exact life and with BOSS OF MY BRAIN you can now run the business of your life just like a good boss runs a good company. The truth of the matter is you are the boss of everything that goes on in your mind and with this Tool you are provided the ability to understand just how simple mastery can become.

With BOSS OF MY BRAIN, we break down the complex function of the brain into very simplistic components. In GOGI, there are three areas of the brain you need in order to understand how to use BOSS OF MY BRAIN. The SMART PART of your brain is right behind your forehead. You have the EMOTIONAL PART, which is at the very center of your brain. You have an OLD HABIT PART and that is at the very back of the brain, where your neck and head meet. — Excerpt from page 41 of The GOGI Way To PowerUp!

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