Week of October 25 — POSITIVE THOUGHTS

POSITIVE THOUGHTS is a GOGI Life Tool that reminds you that your life experience is yours to create.

At any moment you can change a thought, create a new thought, replace an old thought, or linger on thoughts that serve a specific need or purpose. Because your thoughts are yours to create, it also means you can build the habit of creating positive thoughts more regularly, regardless of external circumstances. Just ask yourself, “Is this thought Powerful? Is it Productive? Is it Positive?” And, as with all GOGI Life Tools, only practice makes perfect.


POSITIVE THOUGHTS is part of the set of Tools called TOOLS OF CHOICE and was created when a group of GOGI Girls were in a small housing module day in and day out with very little ability to get away from each other for much needed alone time. Being in a situation where alone time was not possible, this Tool was created to build their ability to withstand all sorts of peer pressure, bad attitudes, drug and alcohol addiction, and general negativity. Being in a very difficult situation, they decided that rather than to give up and give in, they would become even more committed to living positive lives. You can do this, too, with POSITIVE THOUGHTS. When negativity creeps into your head, you can banish it forever with your fix-it Tool called POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

Here is a fact: Only you can choose your thoughts. No one else can tell you what to think. You can choose to think of something positive or you can choose to think of something negative. It’s simply not possible for someone else to force you to think in a certain way.

— Excerpt from page 65 of The GOGI Way To PowerUp!

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