Week of October 18 — 5 SECOND LIGHTSWITCH

Stopping a negative thought or stopping an urge sometimes feels impossible.
FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH is a great Tool to help overcome this obstacle.

Students of GOGI wanted to find a way to get their actions to not be so reactive or automatic. Wanting to find a way to simply stop decisions and choices that were lightning fast and seemed out of control, they created the ability to FLIP THE SWITCH and redirect any thought within five seconds to a positive action. When you have a positive action already picked out, it is easier to FLIP THE SWITCH.

When you have your FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH ready, you can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes of the past. FLIP THE SWITCH and you can shine the light where you are directing your life and go that direction with confidence.


FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH works like this: when you get consumed with “that” thought, instead of trying to get the thought to stop, simply flip your FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH and replace that old thought with your new action. FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH allows you to notice the thought, but not act on it.

— Excerpt from page 53 of The GOGI Way To PowerUp!

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