Week of October 11 — BELLY BREATHING

Babies are born with a natural mastery of the GOGI Life Tool called BELLY BREATHING.

As infants, our entire body seems to inhale, with the belly naturally moving in and out with every breath. This act of the belly area being engaged in the breathing process helps transport oxygen throughout our body. Our brains work better when the oxygen flow reaches our brain. As babies, it seems as if our entire body expands and contracts with every breath. As we grow, we forget this natural way of breathing, and can re-learn how to breathe with our GOGI Life Tool called BELLY BREATHING. When we place one hand on our chest and one hand on our belly, we can remind our body to get the breath into the belly, just like a GOGI baby.


BELLY BREATHING is part of the set of Tools called TOOLS OF THE BODY and was created when a group of Students of GOGI tried to explain to a young student how to get out of the loop of automatic thinking. In a Peer-Mentor circle, the Students of GOGI asked the youngster to lay on the ground and look up at the ceiling until his belly began to move with every breath. This is a simple trick you can try every night when you lay down to sleep, just lay on your back until your belly starts to move.

You don’t need to even think about breathing with your belly moving because it will happen on its own. When your belly begins to move, that is when you are BELLY BREATHING. When you notice you are using your Tool BELLY BREATHING, you can focus on doing it even when you are standing. Your body is designed so that oxygen is transported by your blood to every part of your body. If you observe others, you will notice that most people breathe with shallow breath. You will see their chest move up and down. What you won’t see is their belly moving in and out with every breath.

— Excerpt from page 47 of The GOGI Way To PowerUp!

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