Week of November 8 — POSITIVE ACTIONS

With millions of choices each day, you have the ability to recreate yourself over and over again.

Wake up? Or not. Wake up late, or early. Brush your teeth? Or not. Brush with your left hand, not your right. Each day you choose actions, many of which are the same as the day before. Using the GOGI Life Tool POSITIVE ACTIONS puts all those decisions into your conscious awareness. You ask yourself, is this decision Powerful? Productive? Positive? By filtering each action through the 3P’s you are maintaining your power of choice. You are unlocking the auto-pilot of your life and letting each and every decision be your best decision today. Here’s your weekly challenge. Keep that auto-pilot button off. Take command, and don’t forget your 3P’s. Is it Powerful? Productive? Positive?


POSITIVE ACTIONS is part of the set of Tools called TOOLS OF CHOICE. This Tool was the obvious Tool emerging from the other TOOLS OF CHOICE. This is because the GOGI Girls realized that it was possible to shield themselves from negativity by using POSITIVE THOUGHTS, and they would increase their protection by using POSITIVE WORDS, and when they used POSITIVE ACTIONS, they drove away people, places, and things that did not positively support what they wanted in life.
With practice, you can use POSITIVE ACTIONS to prove to yourself and others that it IS possible to change the course of your life and be happy, positive, sober/sane, and successful.

— Excerpt from page 77 of The GOGI Way To PowerUp!

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