Week of November 29 — Review The Life Tools

According to the GOGI Calendar of Study, when there is a 5th Monday in the month, the students of the GOGI Life Tools review all their Tools.

Reviewing the GOGI Life Tools is easy for the GOGI Student, because we put them to use each and every day. BOSS OF MY BRAIN, BELLY BREATHING, FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH. These are Tools of the Body. POSITIVE THOUGHTS, POSITIVE WORDS, POSITIVE ACTIONS are the 3P’s and the Tools of Choice. As we look at the Tools of Moving Forward, we have CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY, LET GO and FOR-GIVE. Finally, we  are empowered with the Tools of Creation, WHAT IF, REALITY CHECK and ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

Your challenge this week is to be of service. Big or small, your time offered to another is a good use of ALL the GOGI Life Tools!

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