Week of November 22 — LET GO

HAND/SQUASH/TOSS is the most simple action you can do to move beyond daily irritations and frustrations.

This action, which defines the GOGI Life Tool called LET GO, empowers you to remain free from those things that might otherwise drag you down or halt your progress.  Try it. Think of something that feels beyond your control and bothersome. Imagine this situation and all your emotions about it in the palm of your HAND. Clearly see it all right there, in the palm of your HAND. You placed it all there. All the nonsense about the situation or circumstance placed right there in the palm of your HAND. Now, without giving it another thought, SQUASH it. Make your outstretched hand into a ball and squash all those feelings and emotions. Now TOSS them. Get them as far away from you as you can possibly TOSS. All week you can practice your HAND/SQUASH/TOSS and you will be masterfully using the GOGI Life Tool LET GO.  Let’s do this! LET GO and find internal freedom with your HAND/SQUASH/TOSS.

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