Week of November 15 — CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY

CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY is an awesome way to take control of today.

Why? Because this GOGI Life Tool has nothing to do with events of the past. CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY has everything to do with your decisions today. This makes it easier for you to move beyond previous mistakes and encourages you to create each and every day from the best options you have to consider. Here is where the GOGI Life Tool called CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY and where the act of claiming responsibility differ. The GOGI Life Tool is proactive. It permits you to deal with today on today’s terms. The act of claiming responsibility often tethers you to yesterday, and possibly a time when your choices did not seem as flexible. All day today remember you can use your GOGI Life Tool CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY to move beyond previous limitations. Try it. What are you willing to do differently today?


There are many ways to interpret the words “claim” and “responsibility”. Together, the way GOGI uses these words as a Tool, they provide a powerful way to gain perspective with which you can move forward in your life. There were many things that happened to and around you in the past, many of them were your responsibility and many things were not your responsibility, or you had no knowledge or choice in the matter. Using CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY as a GOGI Tool is not about the past at all.

GOGI does not focus on reconciling the past because it could take years, and possibly a lifetime, to understand what occurred and why, and to unravel the mess that resulted. GOGI is about creating a positive future for individuals trying to resolve the past. The fact is, the past is
more easily reconciled when you have momentum moving positively into the present and future.

— Excerpt from page 91 of The GOGI Way To PowerUp!

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