Week of December 6 — FOR-GIVE

FOR-GIVE is the GOGI Life Tool studied on the first week of December.

As this year comes to a close, we might have the spirit of generosity more than other times of the year. This is why the GOGI Tool FOR-GIVE is so perfect this week. When you think of giving back to others, the most important step is to make certain you are safe from harm. When you are safe from harm you are more likely to be able to give from your heart. As the “safety tool” FOR-GIVE has you consider “FOR me to GIVE I must be safe distance from harm.” Getting a safe distance from harmful people, places, and things is key to a truly generous heart. This could be as simple as getting enough sleep, eating the correct foods, making time to care for obligations and commitments. This week, as we begin to close out the year, before you consider giving to others consider this GOGI Life Tool. Ask yourself, “Am I a safe distance from harm?”  That is the true meaning of the GOGI Life Tool FOR-GIVE, making certain you are giving your best from a place of safety.

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