Week of December 20 — REALITY CHECK

REALITY CHECK reminds us that we are human.

We are not perfect, nor will we be. However, we can strive to be the best possible version of ourselves by placing our focus on the next positive decision. With REALITY CHECK we realize that ten steps forward and two steps back is still eight steps ahead. With this GOGI Life Tool we place our focus on the progress we have made. Using REALITY CHECK you can pay less attention to a temporary lapse in positive decision making. With a focus on our progress you are more likely to get back on your journey forward. 

This week you can challenge yourself. Every time you judge yourself, criticize yourself, or in any way diminish your journey and forget how far you have come, simply give yourself the REALITY CHECK and turn your focus to the distance you have traveled. 

The REALITY CHECK is this; you are further along than you were last year and you are headed in the right direction.

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