Week of December 13 — WHAT IF

WHAT IF you are more than who you were yesterday?

The GOGI Life Tool called WHAT IF helps you ask that question. “What if I am not my past?” is the question to be asked. You can use this tool to help you imagine a future that includes all the wisdom you have earned along your life’s journey. WHAT IF you are so much more than the limits of your past? WHAT IF all you are now is not all you are going to be? With this GOGI Life Tool you can create new and exciting possibilities. WHAT IF you woke up a little earlier, with time for exercise, prayer, meditation, or visualization? WHAT IF today you only ate foods rich with vitamins and absent chemicals? WHAT IF you drank more water today? WHAT IF, just for today, you responded to life as if you already had tomorrow’s wisdom?
This week your challenge is to use WHAT IF with all your decisions. WHAT IF is instant insight, and permits you access to the inner wisdom needed for awesome results in your life.

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