My GOGI Peeps!

 ‘Streetwise GOGI’ Tamara here to get my GOGI on and run my jibs for a minute or two!

I am constantly amazed at the quality of people I encounter through GOGI. Dedicated, giving, kind people. GOGI Students, Leaders and Coaches inside the prison walls are not like everyone else; not like anyone else. They are happy and at peace. TRULY happy and at peace. The kind of happiness and peace that makes you feel proud of yourself. The kind of happiness and peace that grows over time instead of fading. The kind of happiness and peace that doesn’t just fill your heart and soul but overflows and washes over everybody around you.

GOGI is contagious. GOGI is infectious.

GOGI changes someone from the inside out by empowering them to change themselves. And when you change yourself that gives you power. It gives you control. It gives you faith, hope and pride in yourself when there was none. And that, my GOGI peeps, is something nobody can take away unless you let them.

When you have this kind of happiness and peace that is fueled by faith, hope and pride, you naturally want to share it. And once you share it and you see the response of others, you see that the tools you share with them are empowering them to change their own lives, that happiness grows exponentially, and it spreads.

Now, there are a lot of support groups in prison. A lot of self-help groups. And I know that GOGI may seem like small potatoes compared to some of the big hitters. GOGI might not have all the Flash and Pomp of some of these other programs. And GOGI might not be able to feed their students these amazing feasts when they come to visit in prison. But that’s not what GOGI is about. GOGI is the opposite of Flash and Pomp. GOGI is about humility and being of service to others. GOGI is about finding your internal and ULTIMATE FREEDOM by giving and doing for others. There is no selfishness with GOGI, there is only self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice fuels happiness and happiness fuels self-sacrifice. GOGI is the ultimate gift.

I truly cannot wait for these GOGI Leaders and Coaches to come home because THEY are the future of change within our communities. Who better to bring about change than men and women who know what it’s like to self-destruct and be thrown into the pit of darkness; and yet, somehow, find a flicker of light within themselves through GOGI? This flicker of light becomes a fire that consumes until they rise up like the Ultimate Phoenix to be of service others, even to those who would otherwise toss them aside. This is the result of GOGI.

I am proud to call these men and women my GOGI family and I’m ready to create a GOGI world with them.

Are you?

If so, join us at Team GOGI 4 Life!