Victim or Solution?

 Greetings GOGI Nation! 

Streetwise GOGI here to ask you a question:

“Do you view yourself as a victim or part of the solution?” 

If you are using POSITIVE WORDS, you are part of the solution! Why? Because when you use POSITIVE WORDS in the face of negative situations, you have an uncommon control over the outcome. You no longer need to be the victim of circumstance. You can create the outcome you desire with POSITIVE WORDS.

You can use POSITIVE WORDS by asking yourself the THREE P’s.

  • Are your words POWERFUL?
  • Are they PRODUCTIVE?
  • Are they POSITIVE?

You can test to see if others are using POSITIVE WORDS by asking yourself if their words are POWERFUL, PRODUCTIVE and POSITIVE. Before you choose your words, test them out with the THREE P’s. Are your words POWERFUL? PRODUCTIVE? POSITIVE?

♥ Do you realize that 95 percent of all the words you will say today are exactly the same words you used yesterday? How can you expect things to be different when you are using the same words to communicate? POSITIVE WORDS change the course of your life from accepting how things were to creating them how you want them to be. ~ Coach Taylor



Come visit us at Team GOGI 4 Life and learn how to use POSITIVE THOUGHTS and the other GOGI Tools for Positive Decision Making, to become the solution to your own problems and those within your community!


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