TOOL: Week of September 24, 2018 — ULTIMATE FREEDOM

As the GOGI Toolbox became a complete set of tools, the question that eventually emerged was “why?”

Why make positive decisions? Why overcome addictions? Why grow past gang mentality?
In nearly every GOGI student’s journey there becomes something that tugs strongly at the heart and occupies the thoughts. Invariably, as GOGI student begin to gain insight into their abilities to create a better life and build competencies in the use of the GOGI Tools there emerges an urgency to help others. For most GOGI students it becomes quite apparent that the past journey is part of their purpose, and a driving force for service to others.

ULTIMATE FREEDOM became the capstone of the GOGI Tools as each and every GOGI student came to realize the enormous value they could bring to the lives of others.


In applying the GOGI Tools and seeing their lives change for the better, suddenly, their journey mattered. The strength and resilience in surviving the journey mattered. Their use of the GOGI Tools to create a better life mattered.

ULTIMATE FREEDOM makes the statement that “What I am to be is up to me”. This statement permits the GOGI student to take every second of the past and let it be the motivation and the message to be shared with others. When we choose to live our life in service of something greater than our own needs, it is then that we secure our internal freedom.

The beauty of this tool is found in the most tiny moments. ULTIMATE FREEDOM is found in the smile you offer to someone who does not look like you. ULTIMATE FREEDOM is found in the piece of trash you pick up and put in the trash bin when no one is looking. ULTIMATE FREEDOM is found in the kind word you say about someone who is being criticized by others.
ULTIMATE FREEDOM is not about the big things that usually define “service.” Rather, GOGI’s ULTIMATE FREEDOM is about those small things that most people don’t even notice. The small things. The unseen things. The kind things that are done, just because.

ULTIMATE FREEDOM is a tool of service, a tool which guarantees internal freedom regardless of situations or circumstances. Living each and every day to be of service to others is living The GOGI Way.

How much ULTIMATE FREEDOM has their been in your life today?

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