In 2008, (was it 2009?) GOGI Girl Teri came up to me with a spark in her eye and a question.  “Coach Taylor,” she said, “What if I am not my past?”

This simple question sparked conversation among the women living in the module at the Los Angeles County Jail called GOGI Campus. Each of the 24 women housed in this small, segregated unit within the 3,000 capacity jail wondered if they would ever be more than the decisions of the past which landed the in an eight-foot cell.

WHAT IF? as a GOGI tool was added as a result of GOGI Girl Teri’s sincere question. WHAT IF she was not her past? WHAT IF her past did not define her? WHAT IF she could define herself by her decisions today, utilizing her GOGI Tools to help her make the most positive decision in that moment?

When WHAT IF? was added to the GOGI Toolbox it was a result of the heavy load we each carry when we falsely believe that our past was the limit of our potential. The question, “WHAT IF I am not my past?” provides us with the ability to see beyond that heavy load that oftentimes keeps us stuck in a cycle of poor decisions.

When GOGI Girl Teri asked the question WHAT IF, her load was immediately lightened. In asking the question WHAT IF? she was able to experience the possibility of becoming more than her past. The possibility that she was more than her past let her lay down that heavy burden and move into a future. Moving into the future she could see herself as part of the solution, not just part of the problem. In seeing herself as part of the solution, she could be of service to others. In being of service to others, she increased distance from her bad decisions. In gaining distance from bad decisions, she could help more people. In helping more people, she gained her ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

The GOGI Tool WHAT IF? permits you to see the distance you need from the heavy load of past mistakes.

Take a moment and ask yourself, WHAT IF I am not my past?  Truly ask yourself this question. If you are not your past, who are you?  The GOGI Tool WHAT IF? is a game changer in the life of many GOGI students. This simple question unlocks the door to an entirely new future of internal freedom that is waiting, just for you. WHAT IF?