TOOL: Week of October 8, 2018 — BELLY BREATHING

BELLY BREATHING is one of those tools that frequently creates the illusion of GOGI being too simple to actually work at changing anything in a persons life.  But it is often the most simple adjustments we make in our lives which generates the most profound momentum in our desired direction. When we truly master BELLY BREATHING there is no decision beyond our awareness, each of our decisions become consciously created and the inherent ownership we have in the decisions is inevitable. When this tool was added to the GOGI Toolbox for change it was not added for any other reason than the men sitting around in that circle discussing the change process were not inhaling enough oxygen to permit their body and minds to work most effectively. Excited by the journey they were on, they did not take the time to relax into the breathing process.  When one of our students, a wiry young black man named Kevin, engaged in the conversation his peers simply stated that not only did Kevin not know BELLY BREATHING, they seriously doubted that he ever took a breath at all.  He was always running on adrenaline.  We had him lay down on the chapel floor (not a popular activity when you just washed your blues) and we placed a book on his stomach and instructed him to just lay there till the book started to move. We continued our discussion while he wondered if he would be collecting dust for the balance of the class time.

One hand on the belly, one hand on the chest. Which one is moving?  For Kevin, the super-hyped-up-never-stopping-former-bank-robber-turned-GOGI-student, it took a book and a cold floor to get him to feel, possibly for the first time, the experience of the tool BELLY BREATHING.

Anyone and everyone can be more powerful when they use
as a staple in their decision making processes.

There is not one decision in life in daily life where optimal breathing would not be helpful. Even the Shaolin warriors, Olympic athletes, and special forces in the military are taught the value of maximizing the breathing process. With BELLY BREATHING you claim the power you have over your body and you direct that power to what best suits your goals and objectives. Isn’t that what it’s all about as you continue using the GOGI Tools to help you realize your power to create the kind of life you desire?  Tonight as you lay down to sleep, put a book on your belly and just see how long it takes to start moving as your body fills with oxygen. Think of Kevin and feel the gratitude of being in a bed and not laying on a cold prison gym floor trying to learn this tool.


Image Credit: Art is a gift to GOGI from GOGI student ARMANDOS

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