Tool: Week of October 22, 2018 — POSITIVE THOUGHTS

Part of THE THREE P’s,

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In this Section of Tools, POSITIVE THOUGHTS, POSITIVE WORDS and POSITIVE ACTIONS enables the GOGI student to create possibilities where some people say there are none.

While the three tools in this section are linked, it is through POSITIVE THOUGHTS that the creation of your life becomes very interesting.

POSITIVE THOUGHTS creates space in your mind for possibilities you might not otherwise consider if you are simply focused on all the negative that is going on around you. When you focus on the negative your brain becomes very skilled at finding more negative for you to consider. So the cycle begins with observation and contemplation on the negative and continues until you are certain that there is only negative in your world.

With POSITIVE THOUGHTS, you are able to see beyond and past the negative to that tiny gem of awesome that sometimes gets buried beneath the muck.


With one single use of POSITIVE THOUGHTS you can find the tiny opening for change. With POSITIVE THOUGHTS you can find that common ground with others, that place where you DO agree, or where you share something in common.

The GOGI TOOLS OF CHOICE enable you to change your relationships and even change your environment without requiring others to cater to your needs. With POSITIVE THOUGHTS an angry person is simply an angry person who will not be in your space the minute you decide to move away and find someone more positive. With POSITIVE THOUGHTS a prison cell can become a personal university of change. With POSITIVE THOUGHTS a life sentence can become a call to be of service to others and a challenge to prove your value as a solution to your community.
The TOOLS OF CHOICE permit you to rewrite your situation, regardless of how negative it may feel. And with the POSITIVE THOUGHTS you create, you are actually creating the mental space and the possibility that the negative situation is not forever lasting. If you choose to wallow in the “reality” of the negativity, the situation just might remain miserable forever.

It is when you employ your GOGI Tools, especially POSITIVE THOUGHTS that you see beyond the obvious to the potential beneath the surface. There is always a gem there just waiting to be uncovered.

GOGI students are uncovering gems at a rapid rate. Join in the fun. Focus on what is beyond the negative. You can be the solution our world needs and become a manufacturing plant for POSITIVE THOUGHTS that you share with the world. You are the creator of your life’s experience and you can show others how they, too, can create a positive life experience by your example. Use your GOGI Tools to create something positive, for everyone.

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