TOOL: Week of October 1, 2018 — BOSS OF MY BRAIN

Image Credit: Art is a gift to GOGI from GOGI student Francisco Vasquez

1) GOGI student story and how he used the tool.

It was sitting on the tile floor of the chapel at FCI Terminal Island in San Pedro, California where the first GOGI student uttered the words BOSS OF MY BRAIN. Actually, what he said was something like, “You mean you are telling me that I am the boss of my brain?” This concept struck a cord with him, as if it was a new concept that he was able to maintain control of the activities going on between his two ears. Once he realized that only HE could be the boss of his own brain, he smiled. And so the GOGI Tool BOSS OF MY BRAIN was added to the GOGI Toolbox.

Amazing that something so simple is not taught to school children sitting in every classroom, but sometimes it takes a long stay in a prison to get the fundamentals of positive decision making. Luckily for this man, from that day forward he could not deny his ability to be the boss.  He could be a good boss, a bad boss, an absentee boss, or he could turn over the reins to drugs and addiction, but he was still the boss.

2) Tool Keyword Focus

While the human brain is so complex that science is only now beginning to uncover its wonders, we don’t need to know much more than what our GOGI Tools teach us to gain mastery over the most complex organ in our body. We need to know we have a SMART PART, and EMOTIONAL PART and an OLD HABIT PART.

If we ask ourselves, “Which part is in charge right now?” then we are putting into practice the GOGI Tool BOSS OF MY BRAIN.  As simple as it seems, this consideration can help us redirect our efforts and regain control of the Boardroom of our life.


3) Conclusion and more how the tool works.

In every life we have times when we truly believe our thoughts are beyond our control, our life may seem out of control, or our suffering may seem eternal. It is these times that being the BOMB comes in real handy, at lease that is the phrase one student coined. BOSS OF MY BRAIN meant she was the B.O.M.B.  There are no thoughts beyond our control, no circumstance beyond our ability to control our thoughts, and no suffering beyond our thought’s ability to provide relief. Being the master of the tool BOSS OF MY BRAIN means there is no CEO more capable than you to run the company of your life.

Regardless of any decisions you have made in the past, there is nothing standing in your way of being the best boss today. You have a wealth of experiences, both good and bad, to help you determine if it is the SMART PART, the EMOTIONAL PART, or the OLD HABIT PART that wishes to lay claim to your life. Just remember you and only you are the boss.


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