Image Credit: Art is a gift to GOGI from GOGI student KEITH ERICKSON

On a recent site visit to Salinas Valley State Prison in California a GOGI student stated that his favorite tool was POSITIVE WORDS. He told us a story about his youth. He was subjected to a lot of negative comments. He was told he was stupid, no good, a problem, unwanted. He was told he was destined for prison and that he would never change.

This experience for him gave him a keen awareness. He knew, first hand, the damage resulting from harmful words. As such, he favorite tool became POSITIVE WORDS. He knew the harmful effects of the negative and with his GOGI tools he was experiencing the positive effects of POSITIVE WORDS.

He shared with his group that it is just as easy to build people up as it is to tear them down. And while he had been torn down by the words used in the past, he was now dedicated to building people up by asking if the words he was using were Powerful, Productive and Positive. These three KEY WORDS directs his vocabulary today. Consequently, people feel better when they associate with him. When people are around him they tend to be more positive and doors are opening for him that would have otherwise remained closed.

POSITIVE WORDS permit you to tell the world who you are. Are you a victim of your childhood and a victim of your circumstance? Or are you part of the solution and dedicated to building people up so they, too, can become part of the solution?


Regardless of the negative words you have heard, or the negative self-talk you experience, your choice is now clear.
With the GOGI Tools by your side, you have a choice. You can languish in the world of the victim or you can emerge as a solution for yourself and the world around you.POSITIVE WORDS dictates to the world which of the two you have chosen.