Tool: Week of June 25 — ULTIMATE FREEDOM

When we explore the tool ULTIMATE FREEDOM we need to ask ourselves a few questions. What am I living for? 

Am I living my life for things I want to obtain? Am I living for the opportunity to “make up” for lost time? Or are am I living each day in service of those whose path I cross as my life unfolds?  There are different forms of freedom, but the GOGI Tool ULTIMATE FREEDOM permits us to experience the only form of freedom which can and never be taken from us. The only form of freedom that can never be taken from us in the internal freedom we earn when we live our lives in service of others.

When we live for “things” we are sadly disappointed as things are temporary and bring us temporary freedom. When we live our lives trying to make up for the past we are disappointed as the dynamics of today prohibit the past from being relived. The path to lasting freedom is the path of service, waking up each morning and knowing the world is a better place because your two feet hit the pavement that day.

Keep in mind, one day your feet won’t hit the pavement. One day your body will not operate and you will no longer be on this earth.  Ask yourself, if you died tomorrow will the world have been a better place for your presence? Did those you love know of your love or did you keep those words to yourself? Did the neighbor next door have kind things to say about living next to you? Did the people who worked with you miss you when you were no longer there? If you have many excuses for not loving, or your list of complaints about your neighbor prohibit kindness, then you are missing out on a form of freedom you can easily call your own.

ULTIMATE FREEDOM guides us away from a selfish and self-centered existence and toward living each day with a keen eye to the small ways we can make things better. These small things we do create cracks in our personal prison walls and eventually free us from despair, disappointment, hopelessness and anger.  When we are freed from those emotions we see our value more clearly and we find another crack in our personal prison wall. Then we help a little more and another crack appears. Before long, there is no more wall. Through daily acts of service the personal prison wall comes down and we are free to experience a rare form of freedom that few experience.

What if every doctor who saw a patient would first prescribe SERVICE before Xanax? At GOGI we believe that living a life of service my very well be the only lasting remedy for much of what ails our communities. Depression can be replaced with a sense of value and purpose through service. Addiction to mind numbing drugs can be replaced by an addiction to service. Loneliness can be immediately eradicated by reaching out to someone in need.

At GOGI we say
“To truly be free it all starts with me.”

Those who now live their lives in service know this to be true. ULTIMATE FREEDOM is yours to embrace. Any time. Any where. And, only YOU can permit the cracks in  your personal prison. The more cracks in the wall the more quickly internal freedom is found.

If all this sounds nice but does not seem practical in your unique situation, here is a suggestion. Offer a smile to someone you would normally ignore. Say “good morning” to someone new and possibly different looking from your familiar group of friends. Pick up a piece of trash and put it in a trash can. Move something out of the way that might obstruct a flow for others. Ask someone “can I give you a hand?” There are a million and one ways to create cracks in your personal prison wall. Do these small things and you will be living your day in ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

When you go to sleep at night, having been of service to others, then you – and they – will be happy when your feet hit the pavement the next morning.

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