Tool: Week of June 18 — REALITY CHECK

To live your life The GOGI Way means that you are using the GOGI Tools to help you create the kind of life you can be proud of living.

The thing is, there are times when we mess up, make mistakes, and just plain are ashamed of our choices.  At GOGI we “get” that being human is never a tidy and neat decision to be perfect. We improve, then mess up. We make good choices, and then BAM something happens that pulls the rug out from under our feet.  We promise we will never do something again and then low and behold here we are sitting in the middle of the same old mess once again.

Well, as with all aspects of being human, GOGI has a tool for that. It’s called REALITY CHECK. With REALITY CHECK we don’t spend a lot of time beating ourselves up for not being perfect. We know that with ten steps forward and two steps back, we are still eight steps ahead. We focus on the eight steps ahead with the tool REALITY CHECK.  We focus on the distance we have traveled, not the stumbles along the way.

With ten steps forward and two steps back,
we are still eight steps ahead.


The tool REALITY CHECK was created by the GOGI Girls in GOGI Campus at the Los Angeles County Jail in 2009. They would study GOGI and feel confident they had overcome their heroin habit. They would be released and find themselves sitting back in a jail cell. It was the GOGI Girls who created REALITY CHECK as a GOGI Tool to help those who messed up deal with the untidy nature of change. Instead of tossing in the towel on a GOGI Girl, they wrapped the GOGI Girl in more love than she had ever experienced and told her that the eight steps ahead that she had earned were still hers. That the two steps in which she had stumbled did not define her.

REALITY CHECK is about forgiving ourselves for being a flawed human but requiring us to be our best version from this moment forward.  It is through our focus on our decisions today that the mistakes of the past lose their power to keep us down.

Ten steps forward and two steps back will always be eight steps ahead.
THIS is how we GOGI. THIS is living The GOGI Way.


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