Tool: Week of July 9 — BELLY BREATHING

BELLY BREATHING was one of the first tools added to the GOGI Tool box.  It was the group of men at FCI Terminal Island in San Pedro who commented that their decisions were more positive when they were breathing fully, with their belly.

As simple as “slow down and take a breath” sounds, it is not all that simple in the heat of the moment when emotions are running high. When faced with a situation that generates a lot of emotion, there is a tendency for some people to react, sometimes without giving consequences a second thought.  It is for these individuals that the GOGI Tool BELLY BREATHING
can be most helpful.

BELLY BREATHING is easier to remember than “slow down” or “take a breath.”

For individuals who react before they think, when they practice BELLY BREATHING and when they call the tool by its name, and when they think about the tool, and when the read about the tool, and when they study the tool on the GOGI Calendar, then it becomes a part of their reactions to life’s inevitable challenges.  The GOGI Tool BELLY BREATHING has come in very handy to help our GOGI students avoid the temptation to react, which often times makes a situation worse.

But BELLY BREATHING is also used by other GOGI students for other purposes, too. Often times it is BELLY BREATHING that helps a student overcome discouragement and depression. Why? Because the act of focusing on one’s breathing permits oxygen to get into the brain and this simple act oftentimes helps the individual think a bit more clearly or more clearly about he promise of a better future.  When we tighten up and shut down and we shut down and tighten up our breathing, it is almost as if we are suffocating our brain and not letting it create possibilities for us to consider. We open possibilities for ourselves when we let oxygen into our brain through BELLY BREATHING.

And there is yet another way our GOGI students use BELLY BREATHING.  Our students use BELLY BREATHING to get a clear vision of their life, and the service they can provide to their communities.  They use BELLY BREATHING to help them feel and sense and experience the ULTIMATE FREEDOM that comes from living a life focused on service. They use BELLY BREATHING to move gracefully beyond the petty parts of life and into the big picture of their potential.

Without this simple GOGI Tool called BELLY BREATHING we struggle to find enough air to make our dreams into our reality.  With daily use of BELLY BREATHING our daily life becomes our dream come true.

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