Tool: Week of July 2 — BOSS OF MY BRAIN

BOSS OF MY BRAIN was the first GOGI Tool created by and for prisoners.  An inmate sitting in a GOGI small group meeting said, “What your telling me is that I am the boss of my brain?”  When one of the group members stated “Only YOU are the boss of your brain,” it really resonated with the man. This concept of being the boss of his own life experience was a new one for him. For his entire life he was sure that his life was controlled by outside forces, and that he was the unwilling recipient of negativity. But, armed with the tool BOSS OF MY BRAIN, this man was no longer the victim.

The challenge in using this tool is when we are faced with the ability to no longer wallow in the unfortunate situation of victim. When we can no longer play the role of the victim then we are faced with the opportunity to actually create something different, better, and something closer to our hopes and dreams. This is not as easy as it may seem for most people.

Using BOSS OF MY BRAIN means that you no longer blame the officer, your mother, your abuser, your addiction or anyone or anything else for your behavior.  Using BOSS OF MY BRAIN means that if you choose to feel a certain way, it is your choice not someone’s fault.

Something angers you?  Use BOSS OF MY BRAIN and choose something far more productive than anger. Something saddens you? Use BOSS OF MY BRAIN to move your efforts to being of service to someone worse off than you are at that moment. Something is not fair? Welcome to the club and use BOSS OF MY BRAIN to create the fairness and compassion with others that you hope is some day extended to you.
BOSS OF MY BRAIN takes the power away from others and lets you be the boss.  It’s a frightening concept at times, but if put into play in small increments, it will open up opportunities and life experiences you never imagined possible.

Here’s how to get started with BOSS OF MY BRAIN. Start small.  Use your BOSS OF MY BRAIN tool to keep your mouth shut when you would rather lash out. Use your BOSS OF MY BRAIN tool to do one small act of kindness for another person. Use your BOSS OF MY BRAIN tool to not beat yourself up for decisions of the past and turn your focus to all the good you can do today.

BOSS OF MY BRAIN empowers you.  However, much like driving the fanciest race car you will need to practice on the tricycle, graduate to the 2-wheeler, then a scooter, then the beat-up junker, then the OK car, and finally you can get behind the wheel and win the race.

Living The GOGI Way means you incorporate the tools into your daily decisions, always filtering your emotions, opinions, beliefs and behaviors through the use of your positive decision making tools. Living The GOGI Way can help you create the life you desire. How? Because you are the boss of your life experience and when you employ your tool BOSS OF MY BRAIN you are declaring your life to be a work of your own creation.

Go on.  Be the boss.  It’s your life. It’s on you.


Art is a gift to GOGI from GOGI student Gen Kan

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