“When I get stressed I just FLIP MY SWITCH” one GOGI student said when he was discussing the GOGI Tool called FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH.  He simply remembered that to FLIP THE SWITCH meant that he would do his choice of POSITIVE ACTIONS within five seconds of a negative thought.

What a cool way to redirect your energy from the negative. To simply FLIP THE SWITCH and use a FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH means that regardless of what is going on around you, it is up to you to create the positive response.  You no longer need to be controlled by circumstance or the actions of others.  With FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH you are totally, and completely, and utterly in control of your life experience.

When you arm yourself with your GOGI Tool called FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH you may find that life is not as stressful. You may feel less anxiety, or anger. Why is this?  Our GOGI students say that just knowing that they are in control of their actions and their reactions takes the pressure off and permits them to enjoy life a little more. Their destiny is not beyond their control.

It makes sense. When you are constantly worried about who might say something that gets you upset, it is pretty stressful because you can’t control the actions of others.  It’s natural to move through your day with high levels of anxiety when your experiences are under the control of others.  For GOGI students who use their FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH, however, they do not feel as much tension because they know that regardless of what is going on around them, they have the ultimate decision on their responses.

FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH has been defined by some GOGI students as a neurological wedge they put into place to redirect their brain’s processing. They use this “wedge” to train the brain to respond in a new and more positive manner.


The beauty of FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH is in its simplicity. Within five seconds of a negative thought you choose a positive action. This action could be BELLY BREATHING. This action could be turning away. This action could be sitting down, or doing sit ups. In truth, it does not matter what the POSITIVE ACTION may be. As long as it is a diversion from a possible negative action then you FLIP THE SWITCH.
Kind of cool that something so simple as FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH can result in a re-direct of a destiny. One bad decision and a future is decided.  Similarly, with FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH the entire world may become your playground.

FLIP THE SWITCH and see what happens.

Image Credit: Art is a gift to GOGI from GOGI student Lund

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