TOOL: Week of February 4, 2019 — POSITIVE WORDS

Image Credit: Art is a gift to GOGI from GOGI student John Simpson

—This is an excerpt from page 46 of the How To GOGI book.

First off, know that your word choice is more revealing about you than you might think.

The words you choose and how you say them almost always help determine what happens in your work, your home, your love, and your friendships. POSITIVE WORDS are your tool to improve all those areas of your life, but they come at a price.

Here is an easy filter. Before you say a word, ask yourself, “Does what I am about to say create the opportunity for things to improve?” Don’t fool yourself that tearing someone or something down has ever made things better. When dealing with humans, more is accomplished and less hurt is caused when the focus is on strengths. Nothing good has ever come from ripping a person to shreds and expecting them to put themselves back in a better manner.




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