According to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics a total of 631,939,829 passengers boarded domestic flights in the United States during a one year period.  As passengers take their seats, they are instructed how to fasten their seat belts, to protect them should their be turbulence mid flight. Passengers are also instructed in the fine art of FOR – GIVE, although they are not informed they are being taught a GOGI tool.

You see, when reviewing the safety features of any commercial plane, the flight attendant will instruct all passengers in many safety features. The one I call the FOR – GIVE feature is quite simple. Should their be a rapid change of elevation, oxygen masks will will be released from the compartment above the passenger. Here is why I call this the FOR – GIVE safety feature of the plane. All passengers, all 631,939,829 are instructed …. now get this ….. to secure their OWN MASK before helping anyone else!  This means that if you are a father and you are traveling with 12 children in seats near you, it is IN YOUR BEST INTEREST to secure your own mask before you start slapping oxygen masks on the children around you.

For anyone who knows the GOGI Tools, you know that we know FOR – GIVE better than most of those six hundred million passengers. At GOGI we absolutely know without a shadow of doubt that we can not be of service to anyone until we are safe from harm. This is what the Federal Aviation Administration requires of every flight, that all passengers are safe before they start being of service.

When the GOGI Tool FOR – GIVE was added to our GOGI Tool Box, it was a result of the tendency for well-meaning individuals to want to be of help, to want to be of service, and want to give back. The problem with this is that few individuals secure their own safety before leaping out to help others. This, in fact, creates an even bigger problem than if safety was secured for the first individual who could then be of service.

FOR me to GIVE I must be SAFE FROM HARM. That is the GOGI Tool FOR – GIVE.


It is not likely to happen that I will ever be on a flight where the oxygen masks drop and panicked passengers scramble to secure their masks, but the message is clear to all passengers. Secure your safety first. Only then can you be of service to others.

We can all learn from the wisdom of airplane etiquette. In fact, there is no reason why this concept is not taught in our schools to six hundred million students, but that is another story for another day. Until we can get GOGI taught to school children, we will rely on the FAA and their in-flight safety guides to model the GOGI Tool
FOR – GIVE, and we are grateful that GOGI is being taught on a wide scale, even if they don’t call it GOGI – yet.

Image Credit: Art is a gift to GOGI from GOGI student Noel Gallegos