TOOL: Week of December 17, 2018 — REALITY CHECK

REALITY CHECK was added as a GOGI Tool when GOGI students discovered that simply learning the GOGI Tools and practicing them within the safe confines of a jail or prison did not necessarily mean that when they had earned their physical freedom they were perfectly applying their tools for a perfectly reconstructed life on the outside.

Actually, it was quite the contrary. Practicing the GOGI tools in a setting of detention or incarceration is very different from putting the tools to use out in the free world. GOGI students realized that the “free world” tends to move very quickly, radically, and sometimes quite harshly. Even the most practiced GOGI students stumble when they gain their physical freedom, and sometimes they would fall to the temptations which plagued their past.

REALITY CHECK was the GOGI Tool that empowered the GOGI student with the strength to not give up at the inevitable errors created by human decisions.

t was only when the GOGI student “gave up” that falling to an old temptation turned into a new failure. The interesting thing is that this new failure sometimes hurt worse than the past failures. This was because the GOGI student believed that even armed with the GOGI Tools they still made mistakes. They felt like a double failure because even with the GOGI Tools they still relapsed, or still fell to a weakness over which they believed they had finally gained control.

REALITY CHECK was added to the GOGI Toolbox to remind the GOGI student that ten steps forward and two steps back is still eight steps ahead.

The GOGI Tool REALITY CHECK humanizes the conundrum of being human and having decision after decision being demanded of you, and variable after variable being added to the decision making process. And on top of that, disappointment after disappointment is usually heaped on top of all the confusion – as if there weren’t enough already going on with simply trying to make the most positive decisions.

REALITY CHECK and its Ten and Two Rule helps us manage our temporary set backs without letting them keep us down, or send us into the spiral of poor decisions of the past. Ten steps forward and two steps back is still eight steps ahead.

This is the beauty of REALITY CHECK. It is not about the deeds of the past, and owning up to poor decisions of the past. Rather, REALITY CHECK is about your decisions today, understanding that even in your moments of weakness you are still eight steps ahead.

REALITY CHECK permits you the ability to manage your human condition but not be limited by your mistakes. Remember, ten steps forward and two steps back is, truly, honestly, undoubtedly still eight steps ahead.

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