This is an excerpt from page 60 of the How To GOGI book.

Keeping it simple, there is likely to be no greater internal joy than living your life in the service of those in need. But (and there is always a but) this cannot be done until you are in the mental space and emotional space to actually be of service.

If you are not prepared to be of service, then the service you provide may actually be measured and counted by you, and debts are accumulated. The tool ULTIMATE FREEDOM is certainly not for the faint of heart or those clouded with emotional requirements to be acknowledged or rewarded. The tool ULTIMATE FREEDOM is about doing something for others which probably will never be noticed. Or, even better yet, doing something positive for others who have harmed, hurt or caused you great pain. Be of service to anyone, regardless of their actions towards you. That will give you a freedom few others experience.

This is quite a heavy concept to grasp so let’s keep it simple. Let’s keep it to the daily actions you choose in your life. By committing to doing one act of kindness for another human being which is not seen nor heard by others, you are laying the foundation for a life filled with the freedom for which we all secretly strive.

Living a life of service gives me