Art is a gift to GOGI from GOGI student Harper.

This is an excerpt from page 56 of the How To GOGI book.

The cool thing about WHAT IF is that it permits you to predict the likely future outcome of today’s actions.

If you witness someone walking into the chapel each day, the eventual outcome will likely be someone with a more religious attitude. If you witness someone pulling out a cigarette each day, the eventual outcome will be someone who hangs out with smokers, thinks about smoking, smells like smoke, and suffers from the inevitable health limitations caused by smoking. If you witness someone talking back to staff, their eventual outcome is likely to be a stay in Ad Seg or SHU. If you see someone reading and spending time in the law library, the eventual outcome will be someone who has increased their knowledge base about the law.
WHAT IF is a tool which gets you out of the immediate desires running rampant in your mind and gets you to play out the scene like a movie script. You can ask yourself, “WHAT IF I do this? Is it negative or positive? WHAT IF I don’t do this? What else might I do?”


No to the past = Yes to the future.