Art is a gift to GOGI from GOGI student Aramando Sandoval

This is an excerpt from page 91 of the How To GOGI book.

ULTIMATE FREEDOM as a GOGI Tool is pretty simple. Until you are living your life in service of making the world a better place, you are not truly free.

If you are living for your own gratification, you will eventually be unhappy. If you are living your life to get more and have more, you will experience disappointment and dissatisfaction. ULTIMATE FREEDOM is the only lasting freedom we can experience as human beings.

ULTIMATE FREEDOM is not determined by your physical freedom. ULTIMATE FREEDOM is what can be experienced when you focus your life’s actions toward helping others and living humbly in service of those who struggle and those who are blinded by the need for things or maintaining a certain image. When, at the end of the day, you can review your activities and decisions and count numerous times that you brought a smile or hope to another individual, that is when you can be certain that ULTIMATE FREEDOM is increasing in your life.