This is an excerpt from page 40 of the How To GOGI book.

Art is a gift to GOGI from GOGI student Harper.

If you were to watch a baby breathe it would seem as if their entire body was involved in the breathing process. In truth, that is how we humans are designed to breathe, with our entire bodies. When we are breathing in a relaxed manner, our entire body is benefiting from oxygen getting to every bit of our bloodstream.

The problem is, quite early on, we unlearn our breathing. If you walk a prison yard, you will see that many of the individuals have their hands balled up almost into fists. And, most importantly, if you watch
their breathing, you will not see their stomach area moving in and out naturally. Rather, you will see their chest move when they breathe. These individuals are not getting oxygen into their bodies optimally.

Guess what? When we do not get oxygen to our bodies optimally, we often are in or get into a “fight or flight” way of thinking. We often anger more quickly, we are short tempered, we don’t think clearly, and we are reactionary. Breathing with the entire body is one of the most powerful ways to calm the body and the mind. It is the finest way to defuse a fight, or thoughts of anger or rage. BELLY BREATHING as a GOGI Tool is a powerful sign of self-control, self awareness, and maturity.

The GOGI students who tend to rely greatly on BELLY BREATHING as their “go to” tool are often those students who claim to be reactionary, defensive, argumentative, opinionated, and stubborn. They report that BELLY BREATHING has kept them from fl ying off the handle, overreacting, or making a mistake which could add time to their stay in an undesirable gated community.

Key Words

One hand on your chest
One hand on your belly
Which hand is moving?