Art is a gift to GOGI from a GOGI student.

This is an excerpt from page 44 of the How To GOGI book.

The challenge for some people in altering their perspective is that when they are being negative they claim they are simply being realistic. They are so stuck on being “right” or “honest” or dealing “truthfully” with “reality,” that they are seeing only the negative and are stuck on how right they are about the negative.

This poses a problem for them because they wallow in negativity, committed to their “rightness.” This locks them into the negative and they become part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Until that person is willing or able to consider that “right” is just a perspective held by their opinionated observation, there is little room for change. POSITIVE THOUGHTS is the critical tool for negative individuals, but unfortunately it is usually only the positive people who use the tool. The negative people just continue to be negative claiming they would be positive if things weren’t so negative. But, in reality, they are the biggest negativity and contributor of more negativity due to their focus on what is not
“right” and what is not positive.

So, for POSITIVE THOUGHTS to work for the negative individual, there needs to be enough room in their own mind to consider that negative is one perspective, not necessarily a 100 percent reality. Nor is negative the sum total of the possibilities. When a negative thought enters our mind, that is not the only
thought we can have. We can create many other thoughts and many other perspectives

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With every thought I ask myself
With every thought I ask myself