This is an excerpt from page 38 of the How To GOGI book.

Art is a gift to GOGI from GOGI student Dana.

You have a brain. It is exclusively your brain and will operate under your instruction, or operate under your lack of instruction.

The fact is, no one can control your brain unless you give them permission or leave your brain so unattended or drug-impaired that others can walk right into your thought process and start filling your brain with garbage. Still, even if you give your brain over to someone or some thing else, it is still yours to give over. You have a brain and you are the boss of that brain, even if you are a poor boss.

In any business, being a good boss means you are attentive, you want top performance, and you know how to care for the company’s goals and objectives. When you finally claim, “I am BOSS OF MY BRAIN” you are declaring that no one, no situation, and no circumstance has control over your ability to control your brain. You can be told to stand in a line, but you can’t be told what to think while standing. You and only you are the boss of every thought you create.

Key Words:
Smart Part
Emotional Part
Old Habit Part
Which one is the boss right now?