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Hey there GOGI Nation! Streetwise GOGI Tamara here. 

We all know ‘the GOGI gets its power by Living a Life of Service to Others’, right? But are you ever hesitant to share GOGI tools with friends or family? Are you uncertain of how to do it?

Well, I’m here to tell you to take a GOGI Chill Pill and just let the GOGI Flow Go, Man! Tool Talkin’ with friends, family and even co-workers doesn’t have to be difficult or overly serious. In fact, GOGI is all about having fun, being happy and getting’ your silly on, every once in a while. So don’t be afraid to share some good GOGI vibes! Have fun with it. You never know the affect it will have on someone. Check out my experience below.

I found an opportunity to share BELLY BREATHING, FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH and BOSS OF MY BRAIN with my co-worker, ‘Nester Negative’. I called him for an update on a few items and he started to vent about what a mess things were in the company ….yadda yadda yadda … so I interjected some GOGI Positivity into the conversation ….

*names have been changed to protect the negative*

Me: ‘Nester’, you know what you need?
‘Nester Negative’: Jack Daniels?
Me: Besides that. You need to take a great big Belly Breath.
‘Nester Negative’: (laughing) No I do not need to take a big belly breath.
Me: Yes you do! I bet you walk around sucking in your almost-50-yr-old belly, don’t you?
‘Nester Negative’: *crickets*
Me: Well?
‘Nester Negative’: And? What’s your point?
Me: We are taught at a young age to suck in our gut and that causes us to lose 33% of the air we could be taking into our brain.
‘Nester Negative’: About 75% for you, it seems at times.
Me: *crickets*  Anyway, by pushing your stomach out as you take a big breath, you are dropping your stomach so your diaphragm is able to expand fully, thus allowing you to take a full cleansing breath. And besides feeling instantly relaxed, you stop yourself from saying or doing something negative.
‘Nester Negative’: That actually makes sense now that I think about it.
‘Nester Negative’: *chuckles* Someone needs to turn your light switch on. Okay, what’s that one about?
Me: Taking a 5 second time-out to acknowledge your negative thoughts and replace them with a positive action. Like walking away from your desk for 5 minutes, taking a walk instead of smoking, etc. Get up and go physically flip a light switch and you will begin to create new pathways in your brain, teaching you to substitute a negative thought with a positive action.
‘Nester Negative’: Great, people are going to walk by my office and see me sticking out my gut and flipping the light switch on and off while I’m hyperventilating.
Me: Stop whining and try it. And remember, YOU are BOSS OF YOUR BRAIN. No one can make you think, feel, act or react in a certain way unless you let them. They can tell you “‘Nester’ , I want this done NOW and don’t leave your office until it is!”, but they cannot dictate what you think, feel or say, while doing so, nor can they force you to act or react a certain way when they give that command. YOU are in control of those things because YOU are BOSS OF YOUR BRAIN.
‘Nester Negative’’: I need to hire you as my life coach.
Me: Let me get my life straight first.
‘Nester Negative’: Good point …. but I’ll be dead before that happens.
Me: I’m hanging up now.

See?! Easy peasy GOGI squeezy

 Now, go do that GOGI-doo that you do so well!


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