“The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.”

The GOGI Tool REALITY CHECK is one of my favorites. REALITY CHECK focuses on forward motion. '10 steps forward and two steps back is still 8 steps ahead.' Forward motion. Resilience. Never giving up. I grew up watching all of the Rocky movies with my father. My mother didn't approve but she always ended up watching the end of the movie with us, where Rocky overcame all odds and beat his opponent. Who doesn't love a 'Cinderella story'? :) Rocky's key to winning against an opponent [...]

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Hey GOGI World! Streetwise GOGI Tamara here. Check out this GOGI-licous morsel of info I found! Regarding the '3 Parts' of the brain (SMART, EMOTIONAL, OLD HABIT), when studying the GOGI tool BOSS OF MY BRAIN, here is something interesting about the 'EMOTIONAL PART': The 'emotional part' is where you assign meaning and make judgments about things. This is where you decide if something is good or bad based on previous experience and future expectations. Your prior experience dictates certain emotions. Your 'emotional part' has a past [...]

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Tool: Week of June 18 — REALITY CHECK

To live your life The GOGI Way means that you are using the GOGI Tools to help you create the kind of life you can be proud of living. The thing is, there are times when we mess up, make mistakes, and just plain are ashamed of our choices.  At GOGI we "get" that being human is never a tidy and neat decision to be perfect. We improve, then mess up. We make good choices, and then BAM something happens that pulls the rug out from [...]

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