I’ve been told I’m crazy, naive and delusional. I’ve been told my expectations are unrealistic and my view of things is that of a dreamer. “Tamara, you don’t live in reality.”

Maybe these things are true. Or maybe I choose to live in an alternate reality … a future reality that doesn’t exist yet; but that I can see as possible, attainable. Maybe I see reality as more of a mindset. This is definitely one of the definitions of the word ‘reality’.

Reality – ‘a thing that exists in fact, having previously only existed in one’s mind’. Oxford Dictionaries

Don’t get me wrong. I am fully aware that our current reality can be harsh and ugly and selfish and hurtful and dark. However, that isn’t where I choose to reside. I choose to create my own reality. Why? Simply, because I can. I can become whoever I want or need to be at any moment. I am in control. I am BOSS OF MY BRAIN.

We all have this ability. We were born with it. But guess what? The majority of us grew out of that ability. Or better yet, time and circumstance ripped it away. Somewhere along the line, people surrender to the mental imprisonment of society. A society that teaches us we have no choices in life; our lot was cast when we were born and while we may be able to choose where we live, who we marry and what job we get, we have no control over ‘reality’.  It can’t be changed. Reality ‘just is’.  The masses drank society’s ‘kool aid’ and gave up all self awareness and control.

Now don’t get me wrong, I feel the pressures that everyone else feels. Even using my GOGI tools I face people and situations that catch me off guard and hurt me. I am not immune to the pain of death, hardship and sadness. I get disappointed. I feel fatigued. There are times when I wonder why I continue to push myself and fight for something better when it’s clear not everyone shares my passion. GOGI isn’t a miracle drug. It’s not fairy dust that we can sprinkle and make all of our problems and stresses go away.

GOGI is a seed of hope that once planted, must be nourished in order to grow. It must be pruned, watered and taken care of through the use of the 12 tools. These tools are used to feed this seed of hope. These tools are used to weed out all things that could possibly choke the seed of hope, keeping it from growing. Through the use of the tools, the GOGI seed of hope takes root in your heart and becomes a Positive, Productive and Powerful reality within your mind. A reality that you know can move from residing only in your mind to existing in fact.

I’m hoping that if enough people allow the GOGI seed of hope to take root in their hearts, this Positive, Productive and Powerful reality that currently only exists in a few minds can soon exist in fact. If enough people break free from the mental shackles that imprison them, we can all live in mental freedom and share a better reality.

So I say to society “go ahead, call me crazy, naive, delusional, unrealistic and a dreamer. Just know this. You need crazy people like me. We are the ones who will change the world ………….. with GOGI”.

Come join me.

GOGI 4 Life!