Offered at this discounted rate as a result of donor support, this is a 12-Week GOGI Certificate Course and great for individual who will be seeking certification as a GOGI coach. Each week one of the GOGI Tools is explored in detail, an essential component of the leadership training program and certification as a GOGI Coach. Official GOGI certification permits the student to access to information, support, and regular communication regarding new GOGI developments. Upon completion, the student is added to the GOGI student roster and will need to be able to mail the course back to GOGI’s headquarters for academic review and issuance of a certificate.


Power Up Your Life the GOGI Way makes simple tools for positive decision-making available to anyone wishing to make lasting changes in their lives.

Ideal for anyone wanting change, or supporting changes of others, Power Up Your Life the GOGI Way outlines simple solutions to life’s seemingly insurmountable problems using simple cognitive and behavioral strategies. Included in the book is the full PowerUp! Support Meeting Manual,allowing the reader to hold and facilitate their own PowerUp! Support Meetings within their community should they wish to share their learnings with others.

“Power Up Your Life” is the main manual for all GOGI studies, and contains the foundational information on which all workbooks and courses are based.

With this book, the reader has the ability to not only understand each of the GOGI Tools and how to develop a GOGI Culture, but the entire PowerUp! Support Meeting manual is included.